multinomial distribution

multinomial distribution

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  • Multinomial test — In statistics, the multinomial test is the test of the null hypothesis that the parameters of a multinomial distribution equal specified values. It is used for categorical data; see Read and Cressie[1]. We begin with a sample of N items each of… …   Wikipedia

  • multinomial — multinomial, iale, iaux [ myltinɔmjal, jo ] adj. • mil. XXe; de multi et (bi)nomial ♦ Math. Loi multinomiale : généralisation de la loi binomiale lorsqu une expérience a plus de deux résultats incompatibles. ● multinomial, multinomiale,… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

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  • Probability distribution — This article is about probability distribution. For generalized functions in mathematical analysis, see Distribution (mathematics). For other uses, see Distribution (disambiguation). In probability theory, a probability mass, probability density …   Wikipedia

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